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Amastreetkid, The I CARE Blog, about "giving street kids a future"

Amastreetkid, The I CARE Blog, about "giving street kids a future": November 2008

Amastreetkid, The I CARE Blog, about "giving street kids a future"

Blogging about I Care, a Non-Profit Organization giving street children a future, a chance to become an effective member of society and to remove them from the influences of crime. Our process involves Awareness, Outreach, Rehabilitation, Housing, Education and Skills Development.

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A Non-Profit Organization giving street children a future and a chance to become an effective member of society and to remove them from the influences of crime. Our process involves Awareness, Outreach, Rehabilitation, Housing, Education and Skills Development.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Collection Cans

This week we distributed our collection cans to tenants at La Lucia Mall, North Coast and The Windermere Centre in Berea. In the coming months cans will also be distributed in the Musgrave and Davenport Centres.
This is a joint (co-branding) venture between I Care and the shopping centres with the purpose of raising money to support current I Care projects, and to create general awareness about I Care and street children in KZN.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank La Lucia Mall and each individual shop owner for generously allowing us to display our collection cans in their stores.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News From Mother of Peace

Dear Friends!
Once again, on behalf of all of us at Mother of Peace - Illovo, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and care. You are as much part of this project as we are, and without your participation we would not be where we are today. As you read this 3rd quarter edition of the Mother of Peace - Illovo Newsletter you will see that with the partnering of many organisations, businesses and individuals, comes growth and success. So, whether you have given finances, donations in kind, volunteered to spend time with the children, or prayed for us, please know that all of you are part-and-parcel of the fabric of success that is Mother of Peace - Illovo. We are profoundly grateful for, and we truly appreciate, your partnership and
friendship in helping to give the children here a better life and a brighter future. Thank you. Please enjoy sharing our joy at the progress taking place at Mother of Peace - Illovo.
Heather Cloete

Inkwali Primary School Ablution Block
Volunteer builders from Ireland came out recently to work on the new Chapel and on the school ablution block. About thirty children from Mother of Peace - Illovo attend school at the Inkwali Primary School. The ablution block was identified by the school principal as a necessity when Eddie and Gemma Dillon visited in March of this year. Gemma and Eddie went back to Ireland and raised nearly R100 000,00 for this project. The block of eighteen toilets should be completed by the end of November.

The Chicken Project
It was an exciting day for Mother of Peace - Illovo on Tuesday 06 May, especially for ‘Farmer Brown’ Gavin who received the first batch of two-hundred chirping chicks at 06:15 in the morning! Discussions have been under way between Nedbank Retail KZN, the Rotary Club of Amanzimtoti and Mother of Peace - Illovo, since last year. Many thanks go to these two organisations for their continued support and their confidence in Mother of Peace - Illovo. The chickens will be used for Mother of Peace consumption and some chickens will be sold to the local community to cover the costs of the project. The chicken project, combined with our recently expanded vegetable gardens, will save enormously on our monthly food bill.

Sponsor a Home Project.
We are very pleased to announce
that we are currently receiving part or full sponsorship for thirty children. One family from Italy, who were on vacation in South Africa, came to visit us to meet the young man that they have sponsored. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to actually see what Mother of Peace - Illovo is all about and spend a short time with ‘their’ child.

The Computer Room Adult Basic Education & Training (ABET)
I Care and Mother of Peace have jointly set up a computer room in the St Joseph’s building. This facility will be used by the I Care Christian School, I Care housemothers and fathers as well as Mother of Peace staff and children. An ABET school for I Care and Mother of Peace staff is up-and-running and Mother of Peace and I Care staff are doing well learning literacy and numeracy on the computers. Workbooks are also used. This is a six-month course and most of the staff will have completed Levels 1, 2 or 3 by December.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Building Report

NOTE. This page should be devoted to pictures of the completed houses and the celebration party.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

5th of December Prize Giving

NOTE - change wording here to update progress of children
The I Care Christian School Prize Giving is less the four weeks away and we are now in the process of finalizing gifts and rewards for the boys in recognition of their hard work.

Each (past and present) I Care Trustee has donated a floating trophy to the school, which will be awarded to the scholars on the 5th of December. I Care would also like to present each youth with an educational book prize, and we are currently looking for sponsors to help us pay for these gifts.

If you would like to assist I Care with a book gift voucher or perhaps you would just like to donate some money towards purchasing a book please contact Sarah on 031 5726870 or


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

UKZN Presentation by Reach

NOTE update pictures etc. I Care representatives attended the UKZN presentations last week and were blown away! Watch this video and see why!


UKZN Presentation by CandlePrint


Clean Hair All Year Round

Recently Unilever donated thousands of hair care products to I Care and other NGO’s around Durban. There was an abundance of product and we were not only able to supply
I Care supported organisations with these products but we also distributed the products to old age homes and churches in and around Durban.
Although donations as large as this have been difficult from a logistics point of view, having only one van for this purpose, the hair care products were well received by all recipients who expressed their gratitude for the kindness.