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Amastreetkid, The I CARE Blog, about "giving street kids a future"

Amastreetkid, The I CARE Blog, about "giving street kids a future": November 2010

Amastreetkid, The I CARE Blog, about "giving street kids a future"

Blogging about I Care, a Non-Profit Organization giving street children a future, a chance to become an effective member of society and to remove them from the influences of crime. Our process involves Awareness, Outreach, Rehabilitation, Housing, Education and Skills Development.

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A Non-Profit Organization giving street children a future and a chance to become an effective member of society and to remove them from the influences of crime. Our process involves Awareness, Outreach, Rehabilitation, Housing, Education and Skills Development.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Annual Review

At our Annual Review held last week at our premises in Somerset Park, loyal donors were presented with 'Appreciation Certificates' thanking them for their vital role in our work with street children.
Going far beyond simply 'getting kids off the streets' I Care's 'Cycle of care' programme has continued to turn street children into productive adults since its inception in 2002. In her speech chairman Denise Cochrane outlined our organisation's achievements during 2010.
* 104 boys were removed from the streets and sent on rehabilitation programmes or to Child Care facilities.
* 65 percent were rehabilitated.
* 53 boys returned to their family homes and are back at school while still monitored by our Aftercare team.
* 14 boys live in our houses with their house parents.
* We established a new rehabilitation centre with the capacity to accommodate up to 20 boys on each course.
Some of our children sang a carol for the guests and Qaphela gave a moving speech about his past, his transformation and his pride at being elected head boy of his school.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cheque from Virtual Marketing

On Wednesday 24 November Simone Masson, My School Community Organiser - Durban and Kay Raidoo, Regional Manager Woolworths KZN handed over a cheque for R50,000.00 to I Care. This was the final amount raised from their 'Pass it forward' campaign.
I Care would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone responsible at My School and Woolworths for this wonderful donation. The money is to be used towards a school project.

The photograph shows (from left) Jabulani and Jabu from I Care, Simone from My School, Kay from Woolworths and Nevil Carrington, CEO of I Care.

Friday, November 19, 2010


The picture shows Rosalind MacDonald handing the cheque to Anne Slatter and Jenni-Lyn. Marlin Moorthi is on the far left standing next to Thiris Arumugam from CIMA KZN.

On Wednesday, 17 November the KZN branch of CIMA handed over a cheque for R5,000.00 to I Care at the Hope Centre in Greyville.
Rosalind MacDonald said that the KZN brach committee had selected I Care as a deserving charity for their corporate social responsibility for the year.
After a quick tour of the centre CIMA, represented by Thiris Arumugam, Martin Moorthi and Rosalind MacDonald presented the cheque to Anne and Jenni-Lyn. They are happy for us to use the money to purchase a new shower for the Hope Centre.

Friday, November 12, 2010

We need your votes please.

Dear Friends.

Here is an opportunity to raise R50,000.00 for I Care.

The following is taken from an advertisement on TV 11 Novembet 2010.

What if you could change the lives of those less fortunate this festive season

Restore their pride

Give them a place to call home

And hope for a brighter future

Now you can author the chapter of change.

SMS your charity of choice to 32514 and take home a gift to say thank you.


We would like to encourage you to put I Care's name forward to DSTV but request that you use our official name - LHC FOUNDATION t/a I CARE if you do so.

Obviously the more people that send an SMS the better our chances of receiving the R50,000.00 so please take a moment to express your support for us in this way.

With our thanks and appreciation.

D.L. Cochrane

Friday, November 5, 2010

Johannesburg Boys Camp

On Friday October 22 six boys from the streets of Mayfair in Johannesburg set off for a week-end camp away from the depressing atmosphere of Johannesburg street life. The trip was a resounding success.
A week before the camp I Care visited the parents of the boys in Soweto and Orange Farm to get their permission for the outing. It was given willingly. There were six participants, aged from 10 to 17 years of age, all of them from the streets. Three volunteers, graduates from our Khuthaza Rehab Centre, two I Care staff members and two caterers accompanied the boys.
The theme for the camp was 'My Life' and was intended as a comparison for the boys to accept their past lives, seek understanding of where they now find themselves and draw up reasonable plans for life after the camp and for their future.
They explored the world of creative arts and participated in various sports and games, keeping the graduates busy.
At a fireside chat on the Friday each individual told his own life story which turned out to be a most enriching expreience for everyone, boys and helpers alike.
One of I Care's staff members said that the group had been a joy to work with. Apart from the odd expected squabble they were calm and relaxed. They used all the rooms responsibly and kept everything clean and neat.
In conclusion, the camp was a great success and the participants all enjoyed the experience but expressed regret that it was too short.
The camp also gave our three graduates a wonderful opportunity to exercise their leadership skills. Linda, in particular, was outstanding.
Our thanks go out to everybody involved, not least to Bill and Maydie, our caterers. They are a wonderful couple. We are humbled by their devotion to I Care and the boys.

Book Club

On Saturday, October 30 Anne went along to a book club for ten-year-olds organised by Mrs. Julia Knowles of Durban North with the idea of introducing young children into good reading habits. Anne gave a short presentation on the work done by I Care and the girls were most interested and asked some very intelligent and thoughtful questions.
A huge bag of sweets was then given to Anne for the boys at I Care - more than 70 bags altogether! These will be handed to the youngsters at our Hope Centre, our houses and our rehab centre. Thank you girls!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rotary Sponsorship

On Sunday, 31 October, members of the Umhlanga Rotary Club and Willem de Vreez from Rotary Holland revisited our rehab centre at Umuzi to present a cheque for R300,000.00 to be used for sposorship of the rehab project. Nettie Howard and Willem de Vreez gave speeches on behalf of their respective clubs and Anne Slatter thanked the Rotarians on behalf of I Care.
The boys were very excited to receive 'goodie bags' which were filled with sweets, chips, a torch, a soccer ball, a juice bottle and a frisbee. Several of the boys said it felt 'just like Christmas'. Each boy also received two T-shirts and the group were given a complete cricket set.
I Care appreciates the generosity of Rotary - for their wonderful donation and for their interest in the boys and we look forward to hosting them again in the future.