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Amastreetkid, The I CARE Blog, about "giving street kids a future"

Amastreetkid, The I CARE Blog, about "giving street kids a future": September 2010

Amastreetkid, The I CARE Blog, about "giving street kids a future"

Blogging about I Care, a Non-Profit Organization giving street children a future, a chance to become an effective member of society and to remove them from the influences of crime. Our process involves Awareness, Outreach, Rehabilitation, Housing, Education and Skills Development.

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A Non-Profit Organization giving street children a future and a chance to become an effective member of society and to remove them from the influences of crime. Our process involves Awareness, Outreach, Rehabilitation, Housing, Education and Skills Development.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Our latest Newsletter - number 29 - has just been posted. Should you not receive your copy within the next two weeks or you would like to be put on our mailing list, please contact us in Durban at 031 5726870, on our careline - 086 1470047 or send us an e-mail - with your name and address and we will be happy to forward a copy to you.
Thank you for your continued support.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stepping Stones

The following extract has been taken from an article written by 'The Idler' in Durban's morning newspaper - The Mercury - on Tuesday, September 21st 2010.
'They hang about the intersections pestering motorists for hand-outs. Where do they come from? What happens when they grow up? Do they graduate to serious crime?
Retired Durban business executive Bryan Britton is determined to do something to help lift street children out of their predicament and get them into an acceptable mode of living. His contribution has been to put together a book that sets a framework for the youth of today. 'Stepping Stones' (Reach Publishers) brings together aphorisms from a range of sources - from ancient Rome to the bible, to Eastern and European philosophies - all focusing on the requirements necessary for a balanced and meaningful life.
The proceeds from the sale of the books will go to I Care, a registered charity that seeks to bring street children back into productive society and into an environment where these precepts can have meaning'.
'Stepping Stones' retails at R149.98 and can be ordered at

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Love you Guys"

Alicia Mason, a resident living in the Amanzimtoti/Warner Beach area of KZN found a young boy hanging around a shopping mall. He had been frequenting the centre for some time and Alicia contacted South Coast Child Welfare but they did not seem able to help so she called I Care and spoke to Anne Slatter, our Accounts Manager, who in turn asked Lucia, our Outreach Manager, if she could check things out. This Lucia did and even went so far as to visit the family home and take along a food parcel. She explained to the boy's mother that we could enrol him into our Rehabilitation Programme, starting this month and yesterday a very happy young man joined 11 other youngsters at our centre in Umuzi.
We received an e-mail from Alicia, headed - "Love you Guys" - thanking Anne and all I Care staff for our help. Our response? "Thank you for showing an interest and helping this young boy towards a better life."
It is because of people like Alicia and everyone who supports I Care that we can continue to look after these disadvantaged children and we appreciate all your help.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My School Woolworths Play it Forward

The My School 'Play it Forward' campaign was held this year leading up to the World Cup Soccer event and was aimed at teaching children the value of giving back (playing forward) to those in need.
At the same time the organisers - MySchoolMyVillageMyPlanet - wanted international visitors to be made aware of the plight of street children, something which we at I Care are addressing. They wanted visitors who did not have a My School card to be able to participate and so, the My School 'Play it Forward' soccer ball was created. Branded with the South African flag it was sold at Woolworths stores across the country. Woolworths pledged R5 from the sale of each ball towards helping street children in need.
More than 33,000 balls were sold and the total sum raised was R231,973.00.
I Care was delighted to be nominated as one of the beneficiaries from this event and will use the money to help children who have been successfully reunified with their families and communities. Part of the reunification involves enrolling the children into a school near their homes and providing uniforms and stationery. We maintain contact with each child on a monthly basis by way of a home visit and provision of food parcels. We are currently supporting 42 families and this figure increases with each reunification that takes place.
We are very grateful to MySchoolMyVillageMyPlanet programme and Woolworths for their generosity.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sad News

One of the children that I Care has been looking after for a number of years passed away last week after a long illness. The family live in total poverty and were thus unable to give their child a proper burial. Thanks to two of our wonderful volunteers - George (UK) and Marieka (Holland) this was averted. They undertook to pay for funeral expenses and the child was given a proper funeral and a final resting place. Naturally the family were very grateful and so were we at I Care.
Note to George and Marieka - Thank you for the tremendous imnpact you have made and are continuing to make in our organisation and with the youngsters in our care.

Jo'Burg Boys News

On Tuesday, August 31, Lucia, accompanied by George (a volunteer film maker from the UK), took the three Johannesburg boys who have been in our rehabilitation programme in Umuzi back home to visit their families in Gauteng. Thabo, Thando and Linda's families were prepared by Todd for this visit. The group departed from Durban early on Tuesday morning and arrived safely in Jo'Burg late afternoon. Lucia, George and Todd will be spending three days visiting the parents and discussing the possibility of the boys returning home some time soon.
All three boys have been very excited about the visit and were eager to see their families again.
Thanks to Todd, Lucia and George for their efforts in making all this possible.